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Do’s and Don’t’s – the basics of a rental: check-in, insurance, etc

January 13, 2018 by admin

You name it, we try to give you the answers.

Check-in | Check-out ?

Check-out please by 10AM
And then you can hang out in Pigeon Forge at the DownTown Club, using all the hotel facilities if you wish

We ask you, please, to be prompt when checking out so as to allow us adequate time to prepare the home for the next arriving reservation. Regrettably, a delay in departure may result in an additional night being charged to your account.

Check-in is after 4PM, any time
You will be going straight to your vacation home, not to our office (Arbors at Island landing Hotel at 2809 Parkway, Pigeon Forge and this is also your DownTown Club).
We send you an access code and directions prior to your arrival.
At your home, you will have all your welcome details, coupons, and any tickets that you pre-ordered.
For any issues, we have staff on 24/7 for you.

What if we want to stay another day or two?

Of course, if the home is available, we will extend you, however, if it is not available, then you can stay at our hotel at the FAMILY discount rewards rate.

What do we need to bring - that you don’t already have in the home?

We supply bed lines, towels, bath amenities, and a basic starter kit for the kitchen with soap powder, soap, sponge, food wrap, and basic spices.

So, really, just bring any kitchen tools, spices or herbs that you can’t live without.

You might, however, want to bring extra towels for pools and hot tubs. You do have a dryer and washer in most homes. Please check the details of the home you have chosen.

Do we need to bring sheets and towels?

No, linens and towels are provided in each home.
You might, however, want to bring extra towels for pools and hot tubs. You do have a dryer and washer in most homes. Please check the details of the home you have chosen.


Some of the homes accept well-behaved pets for an additional $15 a night, others do not, so please notify us if you plan on bringing pets. If you choose to bring a pet to a non pet friendly home, then we do need to charge you an extra penalty “super-cleaning” fee of $300.


The home is cleaned prior to your arrival and after your departure.

If your trash can is full or attracting bears, give us a call and we will get your trash.

Are there cleaning supplies at the home?

Yes, the home equipped with cleaning supplies such as: a mop, a broom, a vacuum, dishwashing detergent, and soap.

There are also starter paper and bath amenity products, however you will be responsible for your other needs there after.


No, no smoking inside any home, but yes, outside on the porches. Please find the cigarette butt sand buckets and be caring enough to completely extinguish the cigarette in the bucket.
Care is needed by us all protecting the Smokies, the folks and critters living here.

$400 fee if you smoke, so really don’t.
Yes, it costs that to clean a home and remove the residue and odor.

What if we have a problem?

We have staff on duty or on call 24/7 to handle many issues.
Please, just call our manin number 865 428 4545


Call 911 from your cell phone giving the county as Seveierville and your address (posted in kitchen). Follow their instructions at 911.
Call us at 865 428 4545 for repairs or assistance – not life saving, though!

Icy roads and snow and getting to the house?

Rentals are not canceled because of harder weather conditions onr roads and drive-ways.

There are some cabins that have steep access. Please ask abut that and what cars you may be bringing

What if we need to cancel?

As you may have read, our cancellation policy is Family friendly, designed to keep money in your pocket.
:: here is the “Cancellation Policy” >


There is usually parking for several cars. When just two will fit, and no more, we will note that in the home’s description.

If you are bringing more than 4 cars, check with us that we can fit them in at your rental.

Cars cannot be parked on the access roads as they are usually too narrow.

Insurance – vacation?

Because of our liberal, “Family Style” cancellation policy, not many of our guests feel the need to purchase insurance against the inability to use the rental.

  • Cancellation Policy
    You get back everything – all your deposits and fees – canceling up to 7 days before arrival and then everything but one night’s rent and other fees up to three days before arrival, and finally on the day before or day of, you can then re-schedule your stay using the rental on deposit with us for any available rental home.
  • But should you wish more complete vacation insurance, here are two options, although we have not had personal experience with these companies.

Usually, travel insurance plans cover you door to door – from the day after you buy your policy right up until you return home. All plans include CSA’s renowned 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service for worldwide help whenever and wherever needed.

  1. Many cover severe Weather: Concerned about severe weather or a natural disaster affecting your vacation? It’s always a good idea to buy Vacation Rental Insurance when you book your trip — so your vacation investment is protected if Mother Nature gets in the way.

  2. Many cover on demand medical services.

Minimum age to rent?

25 -age requirements are that the Renter must be at least 25 years old.

Insurance – accidental damages to home?

We make this real simple, we charge all rentals a one-time Damage Protection Fund fee of $49 which will cover up to $1500 of accidental damages. Over that, you would need addtional coverae, use your home-owner of renter insurance, or pay out of pocket.

Security Deposit?

Nope, we don’t need one. That’s why we have the $49 Damage Protection Fund fee.

Property condition when departing?

If you see any damages, please leave us a note or call.

Our team will check inventory and anything missing or damaged will first be charged against the $1500 coverage from the Fund.

Check in all rooms and closets and behind doors for anything left.

  • Please turn down the heat or up the AC so as to conserve power.
    Lock up completely, except your exit door.
  • Turn on security system and close the last door and lock it with the code.
  • That’s it – then we come in to clean.

Injuries at and damage to the home?

This is standard for all rentals.

For this, we accept no liability and you “hold us harmless” for any causes other than as a direct result of gross negligence.

You will hold us – Owner, Manager and their employees – harmless from any liability or loss or damage to the property by you or others present.

What if my rental home becomes unavailable?

A rental substitution may happen. Yes, it may.

Things go wrong, they break. Something may not be working as we need it to for you, repairs that cannot be done in time.

In this case, we will find a comparable home for you or issue a full refund. There may be less or additional charges for the substitution.

No further liability to you, the Renter, shall be provided.

Do you have an office?

Yes indeed. Our home base is a hotel – Arbors tat Island Landing Hotel & Suites, in downtown Pigeon Forge, right next to the Island at 2809 Parkway.
Here we have a Family Friendly hotel and Guest Services team 24/7 (along with Krispy Kreme Donuts and beverages).

The hotel is also your DownTown Club in the heart of Pigeon forge at Arbors at Island Landing Hotel.


What is this thing that you call the Downtown Club?

:: Read here about your DownTown Club >
:: Read here about our Family Friendly hotel >

Downtown Club Basics

Our guests get a downtown – in the heart of Pigeon Forge – club.
The club is our hotel in the heart of Pigeon Forge – Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites, just a five minute walk to the Island.

We welcome you to:
– Park
– Use the pool (you will need to change in the men’s and women’s rest room), hot tub, kids pool, waterfall
– Play games in the meadow – corn hole, volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, football, kite flying.
– Sit by the river-front
– Fish – we have rods to borrow
– Grab a snack – we have Krispy Kremes, lemonade, and coffee/teas – all day and night
– Extend your stay – need to stay an extra day or two – you will get our FAMILY discount at the hotel.

Rental Agreement - is it lots of pages with lots of details?

Yes, regrettably, we can’t all escape the legal protections for you and us.
:: Read it here >

Tickets for Dollywood and Shows?

We will order your Dollywood Tickets and have them for you at the home when you arrive. We usually have a $5 discount per admission, There are steep discounts for two plus days.
Show Tickets we cannot help with yet; we’re working on discounts for you.

Animals – bears?

We urge you to be aware that bears frequent many homes in the area. Please look outside before going outside. Please be knowledgeable about the need to stay completely clear of all bears at all time, most particularly of a mother bear that may have cubs in the area.

It is critical to keep all trash secured and never overflowing as that will attract bears.

It is both dangerous and illegal to feed any wildlife.

Where should we shop for food?

Where to shop for food when coming to Pigeon Forge

The hosts of Arbors Vacation Rentals - Lu and Jerry Calhoun
Renter's Agrement - Arbors Vacation Rentals - Pigeon Forge
Renter's Agrement - Arbors Vacation Rentals - Pigeon Forge
Renter's Agrement - Arbors Vacation Rentals - Pigeon Forge
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vacation Rentals Pigeon Forge cancellation benefits at Arbors Vacation Rentals
Renter's Agrement - Arbors Vacation Rentals - Pigeon Forge