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Lu and Jerry Calhoun

Pigeon Forge, TN English & Spanish

This is Lu and Jerry Calhoun 1
We live in Pigeon Forge and care for these fine cabins and condos with the team from our hotel, Arbors at Island Landing. Jerry was born and brought up in West Virginia, while I (Lu) was brought up on a farm in the mountains of Colombia. I’ve got some stories that I can tell you about that! I met Jerry and married him in Tampa, where my Mom lives still.

The hotel that we both run together is the same hotel that will be your “DownTown Club”, while staying in one of our homes.

We have traveled the world – including tours of town building duty in Afghanistan and Iraq with the military and Department of State. Now we are  back home in the mountains creating homes-away-from-home for our FAMILY – all our treasured guests who are themselves building memories of their own in our joy filled Smokies. We have three grown children and now two grandchildren. One daughter is studying to help the world out through better skills at communicating with other cultures and is laying her foundation by studying international relations in Belgium. You can imagine how proud we are.

  • She is following in her dad’s footsteps (in Iraq and Afghanistan), yet is eager to come back to our world of Appalachia. Like so many of our guests, we find ourselves looking more and more after our precious grandchildren. Now, why is that? Maybe – this time we get to enjoy them without the concern of “getting it right”.  Just love is more than enough, this time around, isn’t it?

Come join us all in Pigeon Forge and we’ll look after you like family.
— But not the babysitting, please.
Lu and Jerry, Hosts

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